Wednesday, January 10, 2007

sunny side up

hoo...raaastey bhool jata hoon mein
kyon bhalla
bewajaah gungunaata hoon mein
kyon bhalla

I forget the route.
dont know why.
I hum for no reason.
dont know why.

- Salaam-e-ishq (Tribute to Love)

so lately ive been on the quest of enrolling myself into guitar classes. they start next week. and frankly im a little scared to go to my first class. the classes arent exactly individual based and i might be paired with some bachei kacheis. i doubt they would be kachei. i keep getting these visuals of some 6 year old kid yelling at me that im slowing him down. or some miniature version of eric clapton going choo chaa at me. speaking to the lady who was like maybe you should join the evening classes. i may be paired with a 16 year old. great. hmm a knowitall 6 year old or a 16 year old head banging wannabee. can my choices get any more easier? =). lets just see how it goes. second quest is finding a gym that is reasonably priced and has a ladies only swimming pool. i cant believe this is almost not existent in dubai. perhaps this should be my new business plan. third quest: finding a temporary job. this is turning out to be harder than i thought. kya karoon. call center jobs are out. they take a month to train. cant do graphic designing. faculty positions require longer terms. have just one lead. but if i have to drive to jebel ali. my mom would rather hire me then. id like to be a wannabee writer for the khaleej times or gulf news. but my gk on politics is pretty low and so is my english grammar. so dont know how that work out. my sisters bosses are in town and i got this idea when i was talking to them. i could be a tourist guide. how hard can it be. there are only malls and like two musuems or something. and i could drive them all around. speaking of malls, mall of emirates reminds me of an extended version of bur juman. its becoming one of my favorites. not so much the skidxb. this skiing hangover they have is just cheesy and one feels like one is in a zoo and pple are watching u. or rather waiting for you to perform. even if i did know how to ski it would be the last thing id do. i also liked the prayer room in the mall of emirates. the contrast of the carpet and wooden flooring. the bright lights. its one of the prettiest prayers rooms ive seen. and one of the most peaceful places to pray in. ok i digressed. lets see what else. i could be a waiter at asha bhosle's restaurant. this way i can see how the food is being prepared and i can get tipped well. ek teer sei do nishaan. or i can work at the reception of some fancy hotel. and never pick up the phone. and refuse to do anything for anyone. seriously. the bigger the hotel, the more the nakhras. or i could be an attendant at a movie theatre and see all the movies first day last show. .. to be continued.


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