Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Chiy gap ast?

aw: ma baap nei kaha tha, doctor banjao engineer banjao. magar hum tau journalist baneigei.

aw: taliban kei interview kei liyei, 300 dollars kuch zyada hi nahin.aur kya karnei walei hai.
sk: item number karengei paharon mein.
aw: that sounds reasonable.

aw: imran khan saab, naam toh zabardast hai. cricket toh kheltei hogei aap.
ik: hindustan mein, har kissi ka naam sachin hai woh balei baaz hota hai?

ik: suhel saab, namaaz nahi padogei. tumhei kya pata mazhab kei barei mei
sk: haan AK47 bajoo mein, aur apko hi pata hai mazhab kei barei mein

sk: you almost seem to enjoy these wars, dont you?
ah: me? well, after every trip to these hell holes, i promise myself never ever to return. But..
sk: but, you break your promise every time.
ah: u know why? sell some more gore. some more inhuman stories to the world that chose to do nothing when this part of the world was burning. ...and u know why im doing it? im hoping publishers will line up for my book when i write about all this
sk: wat else do you think reporters can do.
ah :nothing, i guess. other than knowing in their hearts that whatever they do its not enough.

- All dialogues from Kabul Express -Kabir Khan

i saw kabul express last week at a whim. it was one of those moments where we have nothing to do and were like chalo movie dekh kar atei hai. i think its a good movie, the dialogues and some of the scenes are pretty funny in a sarcastic way and parts of it has a touching moralistic edge to it. and kabir khan the director, who apparently wrote this story based on his experiences in afghanistan narrates a somewhat gripping story. its a bit biased though and as much as id like to believe things are painted as black or white. they are not. and there is no good guy in politics. i know pple may not agree with me. and im not sure so much as to how politically sound or just this movie is. apparently the movie is banned in afghanistan for showing one of the ethnicities in afghanistan in a bad light. i dont disagree with this though. it might have happened. but then maybe, i think this way, coz im not part of that tribe. but if it were my clan that was being projected in a bad light, i probably would care and disagree. so is the issue simply that of being too sensitive? couple of scenes i remember is the donkey scene. the story here is that some tribe puts their donkey in the middle of the road and in case the donkey is runover by a vehicle they run out shouting it was their prized donkey etc. and then a huge sum of money is paid. this happens here in the emirates too. pple intentionally leave their camel to wander, especially during the nite and the poor camel does get run over. and then some fine has to be paid. this and the fight over kapil dev versus imran khan. which retired player is better. who cares really. women will never fight on such stupid stuff. then theres the merciless beating of the taliban and even the afghani driver. and the encouragement by the people to take more photographs and videos of the beating. it shows how media channels thrive on these kind of sensational type of news. and the more gory the visual the more the demand. then there are scenes in which women are shown as opressed in the taliban regime. i think this is true . but then even after the fall of the Taliban regime, it didnt seem like the women were as free as shown by the media. i might be wrong but at least thats what i observed in the movie. its going to take years to undo the damage and heal these scars. i still liked the movie despite its inconsistencies. and despite what my political views are i welcome the change in hindi movie cinema- the dry sense of humor and the abandomment of pointless naach gana.


sharique 8:39 AM  

I wonder where was that movie shot because could they have shot the movie in afghanistan? That movie was criticized not just in afghanistan but in pakistan as well for obvious reason :)
I too didn't like few comments in the movie like the one by john abraham. When he was asked to pray namaaz, he declined saying that what prayer are you offering with the gun!(referring to Talib)

sharique 8:39 PM  

oh finally my comment appears after 2 days of posting!

life in words 7:43 AM  

i think they did shoot it in afghanistan. and were given a lot of threats by the taliban. although their position on the taliban was quite neutral. i dont quite know why the comment appeared so late. ive messed with the template too much.

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