Saturday, January 06, 2007


no, this is not a detailed recipe on how to cook khichdi. which btw is not an easy task. its just my post on my thoughts of the lastest happenings back home. first of all this is one of the worst times to be back home, the weather is great though, but the dsf woes have hit. thats the biggest conversation topic. where has one gone in the dsf. (dxb shopping festival) i dont know about everyone else, but at least for me i think its all a hoax coz pple invariably raise their prices a week earlier and the alleged slashed out prices are just a gimmick. and i have never won anything in those gazillion raffles. neither do i know anyone who has won anything. well neway the traffic is atrocious becoz of this and whenever my mom is in the back seat i screw up while driving or the car becomes rebellious and starts making weird noises or giving unncessarily jatkas. so now ive been forbidden to drive in the early morning, in the evening, in the nite and even in the afternoon on some days. which practically leaves me the slots of 10-11 am. and very rarely aaj kal subah hori hai wus time par.

but neway, other than that ive been hogging like mad i think ive tasted chocolate cakes at practically ever coffee shop in dubai. i dont know whtats up with pples infatuation of malls here. there is a new mall popping out on every corner and each and every mall has the same shops, the same clothes and the same sales. im yet to find the same shop same clothes and different prices. and create a trading arbitrage opportunity. yea like thats going to happen. ive conciously stopped giving my advice on financial markets and even though i should learn my lesson i dont and still open my big mouth. all the time. a year ago, i had advised my dentist to invest in this local mutual fund, coz honestly i really did think it would do well. but he did invest and didnt track it and now its value has gone down. i feel so bad. although its not really my fault. about one he lost money. but two meri daaton kha khair nahin now. jokes apart though it was his first time investment in shares and if your first investment goes bad it leaves a bad taste in the mouth and he will never take the risk again. some words of advice never be greedy: if it reaches your target of 10-20% always pull some profit out. its the law of nature what goes up really fast comes down faster.


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