Sunday, January 14, 2007


yahan par system ko badalna chaho, system khud tumhei badal dei ta hai
-Rang de basanti

i went to this bacha party some days ago. and i couldnt believe how bacha parties have changed over time. i think its probably keeping in with dubais trend of big. bigger. biggest. khair. they had a whole zoo come in and a camel for kids to ride. the grandma of the kid even asked me if i wanted to take a ride on the camel. ok secretly i wanted to. neway, when we were kids our parties were mostly pass-the-parcel, musical chairs, and birthday bumps and then my apa would put on a magic show and would shock and awe us kids =). khair. i think nowadays theres lot of pressure on parents to have a great birthday party for their kids. i dont think this is a good thing. some of the kids were very spoilt. would throw their stuff around and even at people. and even hit you. im quite scared of such kids. and the whole thing is pple are like chalta hai bacha hai, but kya waqi mein chalta hai?

the other pet peeve is the "angreiz chaleigaye aur apko chor gaye" types. i cannot understand how pple can change their accents after staying three or four years in the states/UK etc. or sometimes even three or four weeks. i agree that theres a lot of exposure that u get which invariably does change you. its not like u can be the same person and that the new place and the friends/atmosphere/environment has no affect on you. i agree it does. but so much that one forgets who they are? and not only that recently ive noticed this trend how you have the affects of smoking and then secondary smoking there is the case of americanization and secondary americanization. if some relative close to you is in the west, you start adapting these weird accents. annoys me like anything. i was sitting with some of my moms friend's acquaintances (sp!) (bara connection) and conversation was filled with i-only-buy-things-from-burberry (sp!) (i guess now i know who i want as my secret santa) or my-daughter-is-now-settled-in-australia-u-know-how-it-is-no? (seriously i dont) acha beta how did u get your job. (umm..coz im smart and intelligent although i dont really look it. haha). however i dont blame the last statement the job scene in dubai is filled with who is your connection. or the conversations about the weather (its humid...we know. you know. we know you know. get over it) or about their nose job (achi khasi naak hai phir bhi and after the nose job it looks exactly the same) or the ure working in so n so they have good payscales na (obviously im going to say yes aunty they are awesome and i will be flying down in my corporate jet next year. maan kara toh apko bhi ghuma dhengei.) its quite sad u can be doing absolutely nothing in some reputed company and pple will think so highly of you as opposed to doing something relevant in a company not as well known. the most irritating thing is when pple say, u must take care of your mama. and i feel its ok if its someone i know and who knows my mom but if its just some random person who you dont know and you never met or its someone u know and who never bothers and who never calls my mom ever. it just irritates me. and i dont know why. but it just does. there was a whole set of absurd things which were said i cant really say coz u never know who might stumble of this blog so cant be as detailed. just dont get why pple cant be normal.


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