Monday, January 15, 2007

another one bites the dust.

my sister called me from the states at 11 in the evening to tell me about ash-abhi engagement. live breaking news. living so close we are completely oblivious. and sadly, we never watch the news. however we are a totally filmy family. and even though we had pple over at home, everyone got worked up and switched the channel quickly to NDTV, we kept watching the reruns of their news. then everyone started giving their "expert" opinion on how/why/who etc. and that theres no smoke without fire. apparently there was a huge crowd gathered at the bachan residence "jalsa". im sure if we were in mumbai me and my cousins would have definetly gone to see kya hora hai. there was a huge crowd gathered outside her residence too. and sure everyone wants their peace and quiet but i think if so many pple show up just to wish you and have a glimpse of you. you should oblige them. even for a little while. anyway the hero of the day was some journalist who apparently senior bachan had smsed ( i highly doubt this, but whom am i to say) to confirm the news.

i remember last year, i was reading and was chatting with my best friend that abhishekh was in nyc and since we are both filmy and fans of him. yes, even his hairband look we like. and i found this rediff article which was kind of secretive and it gave a brief description of where the actors of the movie kabhi alvida na kehna were staying but not totally. so i forwarded this to my friend and she figured it had to be this hotel. so she went and sat in the hotels coffee shop. i so wish i was in new york that time. and after an hour and half the stars did show up and she got to see abhi in close up. yay. although chicken that we are she didnt take any pictures or autograph. bas dur sei salaam. =)

anyway, id just like to say my congratulations to them and wish them a life full of patience, compassion and laughter.


Sharique 8:38 AM  

Yeh kaun kya cheez daal di hai ho bol raha hai plugins required?
Stars have a tough life, don't they? Its better to lead a normal least there is peace of mind. Ab becharo ko honeymoon bhi theek se manane nahi dege yeh press waale

life in words 10:42 PM  

pareishan hoon mein khud. i was trying to embed some clipping but its not working. i dont seem to get the plugins required thing. ab ma baap nei kaha tha engineer banjao, magar woh toh actor hi baneigein!

sharique 11:03 PM  

engineer to ban gaye :) ab shifting profession kya?

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