Monday, January 15, 2007

yeh duniya oot patanga

on chirongee lal's name change

rs: mein kehta hoon hritik aaj kal bahut chala hai, tu hritik raklei
sis: no, no vivek
mom: waiseii....yuvraj kaisa raheiga
rs: nahin nahin yei cricket walei naam safe nahin hotei ji ...kal ko woh run banana band kardeiga aur jhootiyan inko marengei

ak: cheri, toda concentrate kado bhai. tum ghar kei engineer ho tumhei construction kadani haicheri: papa mein computer engineer hoon, yei eet pathar mujhei nahin maloum.

- Khosla ka Ghosla

yehi halat hei meri ghar mein. any computer related issue, anything to do with accounts(and ive not taken more than one accounting course!) or anything to do with the markets/shares/mutual funds. everyone expects me to be an expert on all three. but sadly im neither. and most of the time i cant solve any of their issues. i dont know why the computer has become slow. coz im not a computer engineer, im not an accountant and neither am i a trader. most of the questions revolve around whether i know how to hack- which i dont. and logic si baat even if i knew do you really think i would tell you. =)


KusTavan 3:15 AM  

Hahhaaaa... your experience reminds me of my vacation after 1st year at engineering... I was back home and the old weston TV stopped working suddenly. And my dad called me - expecting that I would be able to repair it - now that I had spent a year in engineering college (given that an uneducated technician in the nearby market could do it).

I had to hang my head in shame and express my regrets... I still can't fix it - even after full 4 yrs in eng college and working as an eng for 10+ years :-)

life in words 10:04 PM  

LOL. blame it on school. they never ever teach anyone anything practical anyway.

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