Tuesday, January 30, 2007

how bizarre, how bizarre

at the gym this song by OMC released in 1996 came on, on one of the televisions. This was one of my favourite songs growing up and i havent heard it in eons and when it came on i couldnt help but laughing even though some pple stared at me weirdly. i remember i used to sing this song and make my younger sister and our bai (the housemaid) sing the chorus/backup part. "everytime i look around" and the "how bizarre". and most of the time the bai was the most sportif of the two. she would happily and enthusiastically sing although she couldnt understand a word. hahaahh.

i love youtube for allowing someone to post it. enjoy!
P.S the guy at the back of the car makes me laugh. he just sits there and just nods his head throughout the song


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