Monday, January 29, 2007

kabhi kabhi

according to nanima kei nukseis, one should eat an apple with its skin a day to cure anger. there are some who say count to 10. and then theres some who say drink a glass of chilled water. i wonder how many pple actually do these things when they are angry, or remember to do them. and i wonder if they actually work,if they do. the sad part is when one is angry one is just egged on by this piercing feeling in ones heart and one tends to say something which might hurt the other person as well. things said in the heat of the moment, which you may not mean. in moments of peace, that same piercing feeling turns into twinges of regret. its not hard to apologize when one is wrong or even when one is partially wrong. but its so much harder to apologize when one is completely right.


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