Wednesday, January 31, 2007

a house on the river.

in the gulf news today, there was an article about an investor who while surfing online found this real estate website of dubai allowing him to make his purchase online and get a loan within minutes. apparently he rushed out, saw the building, rushed back home and bought two appartments. without even looking inside. wish, i could make such kind of go-with-the-gut-feeling on the spot decisions. anyway, for us its more like a think-think-think-keep-thinking-until-everything-is-gone. then we make the chalang. sadly, sometimes in an empty kuwa =) (well). the problem is everything is super expensive, and the property market in dxb is quite volatile. the laws arent too clear either. so naturally we are a little apprehensive.
at burjuman last week, we passed by the wild wadi real estate stall. which is quite an ambitious project. theres a prehistoric theme park, which will feature lifesize dinosaurs. i think thats very cool. but lot of pple think its just bunch of stuffed animals in a wide area. hmm. only time will tell, if this turns out successful. in the end, its risk is what it comes down to. if the risk pays off you strike gold, if it doesnt you fall down and try again.


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