Friday, December 01, 2006

good morningggg dxb

i was reading yest about the taxi problem in dubai in gulf news. apparently it takes an average of 15 minutes to get a cab. this is the hail a cab scenario. not the call the helpline and wait kinds. i never knew that. i thought there were gazillion cabs in dubai especially when im driving. i drive pretty fast but still not fast enough for these dudes. and especially when i was a newbie on the dubai roads, the amount of time i got the get-out-of-my-way-look is too many to enumerate. i guess dubai is goign to be heading the new york way. where only cabs will be seen. and with their whole metro thing going into gear (at least i think so) it seems more and more likely. maybe thats their business strategy flood the market with a trillion cabs and force everyone to use the metro. suits me fine as long as it doesnt take me an hour and half to get from jumeirah to bur dubai. (a 15 minute drive)

in the trend of posting my fave dekko clips from youtube. heres another movie which i like and i really like their theme song. especially the bagpipes type tune thing.

salaam e-ishq (tribute to love)

salaam-e-ishq, o meri jaan zara kabool kar lo. o humsei pyar karnei ki zara si bhool kar do.

its too cheesy to even translate, but salman khan says it with such a straight face. wuski toh daat deni pareigi. hahaha.


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