Saturday, December 02, 2006

Go pens!

ok, so everyone who hasnt ever been to a hockey game are totally missing out. this is ice hockey. it is brutal, exciting and fun all at the same time. today was one of the biggest games for the penguins (pitts team) and it was so much fun. the above picture is from my cell phone its very tiny and we were sitting really high up. but i took the picture neway coz i want to preserve all these memories. it was quite funny this incident in the cab when we were getting to the stadium. the cab driver was like u guys dont seem like hockey fans are you? OK im not sure what hockey fans look like but yea im pretty sure we dont fit the bill. so we are like no. then hes like let me guess you are building a robot that is supposed to play hockey and you need to do this for your project. okayyy one thanksss for letting us know that we look like geeks and secondly why would anyone build a robot that plays hockey. how totally useless. (ok this may actually be some phd types dissertation and they might be totally pissed at me for saying that. well too bad.) then hes like ok so its for your class, you are sociology majors and this is part of your project. haahah. ok now we look like the artsy . totally OK by me. hahaah. finally i felt bad for him he was all out of guesses and i told him the truth. it was funny though.

neway. i think part of the excitment of these games are huge crowds sitting together and cheering their team. who none of us(our group) knew or even had heard of before the game. it was quite a thrilling experience. and i never knew this game can be so violent. the players even punch each other and hit each other with their sticks. in fact after half time two of the players were punching each other and the referee was just watching. i was a bit shocked at that. but some pple say its just a ploy and this is the highlight of hockey as well. where the players are supposed to fight it out. seems a bit barbaric to me though. but other than that the excitement is very similar to soccer where youre trying to find the puck and ure going from one end to the other. its very fast paced and thats what enjoyable and even though im desi, i really have no love for cricket. i know its sad. i think its just a lazy game and its only fun when pakistan and india are playing. or only when my dad used to watch it and convince me to watch the last 10 overs. which used to take forever.or ig uess when rahul dravid was playing. haha. i till today believe i did see him in real at a hillstation near delhi, although many pple think its a figment of my imagination. woe to them. :P. neway i remember the last cricket game i saw was in my undergrad. we were in this really shady desi restaurant 50 of us packed in a studio size room like sardines at 3:00 in the morning. the things you do for your friends. =) . i also like the fact that they have these ads at the hockey game and then coz we were a huge group, our school got an honoroable mention on their huge TVs. woohoo. my 2 seconds of fame. haha. i also like the "couple focus". where they suddenly put the camera on couples and its a whole range young couples, mixed couples, really old couples. its quite sweet. neway now i can officially cross out the " going for a hockey game" from my list of things to do one day.


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