Monday, December 04, 2006

graduating class of 2006: wear sunscreen

we had the grad dinner yest and it was a huge turnout. as usual we were really late, as much as id like to take credit for converting my non desi friends to indian standard time. i did not. and this time i was ready to go an hour and half before. and desis are badnaam for no reason . lol. but its a weekend and calling a cab is a huge problem here. no one picks up the damn phone. neway, thats not the point. we reached and we sat on our own table and not with any of the professors. theres pros and cons to this. pro is that you get to talk with your prof on a one on one level. two the conversation at the table can get quite dry. neway it was on top of mount washington and the restaurant was pretty classy, food sucked royallly. and my heart was all set on the dessert (will it be chocolate cake, will it be cheesecake, or will it be chocolate cheesecake) traders on our table were all ready to bet on the cheesecake. sadly there was neither. it was some sort of dessert plate. sort of like byte sized desserts. i know im sounding like a hog. but wat to do these are the highlights of the grad dinner. oh the other highlight was they gave us each a flash drive. isnt that so geekily cool! i dont own a flash drive and no matter how anyone else reacts to this i know my mom will be totally excited about this. i get the geeky genes from her.

then there was the professors speeches and some professors were really funny. one prof said we were so overworked and this course has been so tensing and high pressure ( i agree) and that when we graduate we will miss that challenge and wont know what to do with oursleves so in response to that hes going to post a weird exotic russian option to price. to allow us to cope with these withdrawals. that made me laugh. then we had this other professor who is like the smartest ever person i have met in my whole life . i cannot imagine how all these professors can think of these things. and this class has been the hardest class in my whole time here. but its also been my favourite as well. neway hes like the new james bond movie, casino royale, has a plot of buying puts( a put is a financial instrument where the bottom line is you make money when the stock price falls) on airline stocks and then making airplanes crash. then this is the funniest hes like if james bond is doing financial eng then we finally have arrived.

hahaah. good, hopefully fewer of my relatives will ask me ure studying WHAT? and will stop asking me why their credit card statements are charging them interest!

neway for a moment just a moment i felt a bit sad especially when the profs were giving heir speeches. especially this other prof who was like dont just cruise by but be someone in your field. i almost feel guilty when i hear this coz i often just cruise by and dont speak up and dont apply myself or ask questions and dont think too much out of the box. i had a great time here though and learning from each one of these prof was a priviledge, not only are they excellent at what they teach but they are awesome pple as well.

afterwards they asked if some students want to give a speech, so some brave souls volunteered and gave thanks to everyone and some even offered that if they can ever do anythign for any of us they would be happy to do so. i think that was kind of sweet.

neway then we had the picture session and a lot of pple thought i looked different all dressed up( i hope its good different). and then that was it. i feel somewhat graduated today.


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