Thursday, November 30, 2006

hanging by a moment

ok this is a very random post. finally we are done with the second case, which im happy to say i did most of the hard core simulation stuff. well, im happy now if we get a bad grade theres no saying how my feelings on this will change. actually its quite definite i will not be so happy. secondly, i bought my black graduation dress. all it took was an hour to decide. dont know why pple complain that girls take forever to shop. its so not true. in an hour i picked out the dress and the jewellery. am i invincible or wot? and thanks to super duper thanksgiving sale, i got my dress for 40 bucks. 50% off. so made my day.

im getting overtly enthu about this graduation dinner. since there is so little to look forward to in the next few weeks. i really hope its not a preset name card thing and that they place u randomnly. there are some pple who i cannot have a more than two minute conversation with. theres nothing wrong with them. more likely something wrong with me. its just i dont know our planets are not aligned and most of the conversation is filled with ummss....eerrr.. or you racking your brain to find something to talk about other than school and homework and the truckload of homework you have. ok i repeated that again. i dont know i guess u just dont click with some pple. or rather its the ice that never breaks rather.

anyway the latest update and from the pictures the restaurant doesnt seem like a super formal place so i may be overdressed. but at least i have backup from my friends who are "overdressing" as well. so if we look like fools, we look like fools together. haha.

i need to buy presents for everyone as well. i really dont like giving pple gift cards coz i think its a very impersonal thing. but it makes it all the more harder to find something that pple actually like and will use. and sometimes my taste really does suck. i look at my pictures from 7th grade and im like what was i thinking. when was polka dots ever in. why didnt anyone tell me how stupid i looked! i cringe every time. neway there is the new wii which is out, which is supposedly the latest must have gizmo. dektei hai depending on my benovelent mood and unlaziness (if thats a word) if anyone gets that.

i finally saw yun hota toh kya hota. (what if). dont read ahead if you are actually going to watch this movie. i felt the movie started and then just ended. i know lot of pple didnt like it and some liked it a lot. but im kind of indifferent to it. the climax seemed a little too enforced. i guess naserruddhin shah wanted to show that our lives can be easily changed by just one event. and it doesnt affect just us, it affects so many pple. the movie is quite sad. some scenes are really good but some are just randomn.

i really want to see guru, movie loosely based on dhirubai ambani. i dont really know too much about old movies but i think this is the first of the hindi movie kind that will be about some pauper to business tycoon kind of story. i saw the simi garewal interview of aishwarya rai and no matter how much garewal asked, rai avoided. get over it already. jeez, unnecessary suspense. its all over the news on how they were spotted in a temple. so. big. deal. neway the show is totally pretentious. and both of them were annoying. and i cant believe garewal sings the opening part.

heres a song from the Guru via youtube. The music totally rocks. and i guess they do make a good pair. bahhhh! theres goes my hopes of ever being ms bachan. haha. just kidding.


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