Tuesday, November 28, 2006

traffic has stopped and ure not moving anywhere..

today has been a very mood swingy day. whats a mood swingy day. well some things happen that cheer u up a lot and then some things which upset you a lot. and i mean a lot. and you are a bit upset at yourself as well coz part of it is ure fault. and part of it isnt. then there are some things which dont affect ure mood at all. when all this happens sometimes singing the song of the moment* out loud (no matter how offkey i sound) "mera bichara yaar" by strings from dhaani helps.

Dur ek gaon hai
wahan thandi chaon hai
jaana hai nadiya kei paar

karei mera intezaar
mera bichara yaar
mera bichara yaar

moment* : could be a second/minute/day and very rarely a month or year.


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