Monday, November 27, 2006

the art of bs-ing.

so in bschool, one of the major major lessons that i have learnt is the art of bsing. the more talented you become in this art, the better it is for you. theres a fine line between lieing/ being unethical and all that and bsing. The ones who sit on that line are the ones who are the most successful. ive tried honing this talent in my interviews and even during projects. and im really sad to say that hardly quality matters now. if you write a 2 page paper versus a 10 page paper of utter rubbish. chances are you will get the higher grade in the former. this has been tried and tested.

while having dinner with bunch of friends who are mostly going to be placed on the trading floor. or at least are juggling between that and another path. im not on the trading floor but im still quite scared actually. hardly 8% of traders are successful, so they say. i have no facts backing this information. phir bee, we are all enthusiastic and think each one of us will be in that. and this is an observation a friend made that those on the trading floor are only there coz they are actually making money. so they have the right to lose it to get annoyed and to yell at you for any reason watsoever. coz one its their job which is on the line and two coz simply they can. the profit they are making for the bank gives them the right.

some banks even tell their employees when they hire them that they will be hiring pple to replace them. this brings tremendous pressure and constant stress on the employees. for wat ultimately some extra bucks? i dont quite understand this strategy. how does one build any kind of loyalty towards the bank. how does one feel like they belong there. basically how does one grow to love their job. shove the love. is wat i learnt today. its all about business. if you dont do well, if you cant meet expectations, no second chances. no one to back you up. there are a gazillion smart pple and if youre not smart enough they will find someone smarter.

perhaps, its better to just stay in school.


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