Sunday, November 26, 2006

boston chronicles part 3 final part

so this is the last of the trilogy. so we did see harvard university. its very nice. i dont know what it is, but theres something about that campus. you will see so many tourists visiting it. no one ever visits us here. mostly south asian families with their kids in tow. i always wonder who graduated from there, did the husband did the wife, did they meet in harvard. maybe one of them is enrolled there now. perhaps their parents are alumni there. i wanted to use the restroom and we couldnt find a single building open and we asked bunch of graduate students and they said no there are no restrooms around. Walking ahead we saw the library, which was OPEN and we are like the library must have a restroom, why didnt they tell us that. all the while thinking, harvard kids are pretty stupid. but turns out the library is only restricted to harvard students. how unfair is that. anyone can go to our university. it was the same in undergrad.

we went to see nutcracker which was so so. there were lot of kids doing ballet and it was really cute and i think some of the acts were pretty impressive. the story is lame though and it gets a bit repetitive after some time. and the actors have just one expression that of being super happy so it gets a bit too much. or if they do cry it is so fake. i dont know im not really a fan of overexaggerated expressions. the story is pretty simple, theres a girl who likes to dream a lot, her god father gives her this doll (which btw is very scary looking so im not sure why anyone would give that to an 8 year old). In the ballet the 8 year old is being played by a 25 year old. i dont htink id ever pass for an 8 year old. so i have no future in ballet. so neway, the girl starts dreaming that mice start attacking her. and its quite funny coz pple wearing weird mice costumes start doing ballet. she dreams that the doll becomes bigger and bigger and fights with the king mouse. yea the story is getting lamer by the minute. wat to say. haha. then finally the doll turns into this prince or something and takes the girl to his kingdom and then they have a party where all the subjects in her honor have performances. 8 year olds have way too overeactive imaginations.

at the end of the ballet we just wanted to eat somewhere good and decided to eat in little italy and have dessert at finale which is a dessert place and apparently the brainchild of two harvard graduates. surprisingly we asked 10 pple i kid u not and none of htem had heard of columbus avenue which is an important avenue in boston. it has all the main hotels and restaurants there. i was shocked. neway we finally find little italy, food average. finale was awesome though. im a total dessert foodie. chocolate cake can make my day anyday.

i reccomend anyone whose visting boston to make a trip to finale. yes, shamless plugging here.
take a look if this isnt tempting i dont know what is.


sharique 11:09 AM  

havard doesn't have a restroom! i was faced with similar situation in a women's college but i finally found one men's restroom in the library

life in words 7:14 PM  

lol no it does. this is becoming a very anti harvard post. during the holidays they close all the buildings and their library was the only building which was open and it was restricted to only harvard students.

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