Saturday, November 25, 2006

the boston chronicles part 2

so where was i? yea the tour. so after we were done with the tour. we came home at 5 in the evening ordered room service and watched that 70s show reruns. im quite embarassed to tell anyone this so i guess i better blog about it. good thinking. haha. anyway ive never ordered room service.rationale is it sucks and its quite expensive comparatively to the rest of the places. in reality children, this is true. sorry i dont have a better story.

moving on to day 2. we woke up really late. after having elaborate plans of waking up at 7 and leaving by 9 max. we wake up at 10:00 and leave the hotel by 11:30. we took the train to harvard. finally its stopped raining and there were people outside. yay. im a big fan of subways, i love watching people and wondering what they are thinking. u know how pple have these if u had one superman kind of quality what would it be. and pple choose flying, being invisible etc. i choose being mind reader. so many problems can be fixed by this. anyway, we decide first to see harvard square and as stupid as this was i didnt really know where the square starts and ends.

ive actually been to harvard square before but it was dark and nite and i dont remember much and i even passed the same restaurant we had lunch at two years ago. this brings over a huge sadness in me and at the same time a huge relief. i dont know if such a feeling is possible. while passing the restaurant, i never thought two years ago while having my lunch id be walking below two years later and be at the stage where i am now. this is truly destiny.

neway, we had lunch at fire n ice. this is quite a novel concept. u have vegetables, diff kind of noodles, diff kind of meats, different sauces (all raw stuff) you put whatever u want in a bowl and ask the cook to fry it for u. basically u choose your ingredients and the cook cooks it for u. quite cool. but i end up putting all the wrong ingredients. however, it didnt taste so bad. but we were so hurried coz we had to make the broadway show 25th annual putnam spelling bee.

i know its sounding like im whining but it was not "hilarious" or the "funniest thing u will see all year". some parts were cool, like when they had audience come up and spell words and then suprisingly one guy in the audience was a good speller and he spelt all the words they gave correctly (they did give him cow to spell. defintion: its a cow. can i have it in a phrase: can you spell cow?) and then to get him out they gave him this super hard word which i cant even remember and he got out. overall it was ok prob 5/10 ive seen hairspray and that was truly hilarious.

to be continued..


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