Saturday, November 25, 2006

the boston chronicles - part one

so boston sucked. big time. i think we were jinxed from the day before. after watching happy feet. which made me so not happy. sure, the little penguins are cute. but theres only so much awwwing one can do. after that it gets old. i guess im just not into hip hop dancing and singing penguins (theres a sentence i never thought id ever use). im not against animation movies. i do enjoy them. i thought both shreks were witty and i thought monsters inc was cute and funny. i liked toystory and iceage. i even saw cars. which was a bit cheesy but watchable. but happyfeet was just way too kiddish. either that or my sister thinks im too old. watever. im so glad none of our guy friends came to watch it or we would never have heard the end of it. id rather have watched the old blond bond guy in casino royale. its just ironic, whenever you have free time youll have the worst movies to watch.

ok so moving on boston. we booked the package on orbitz and i actually chatted with one of the live rep on orbitz which was an omigod moment for me. i m easly impressed by new technology. wat can i say. i guess orbitz makes sense. but check this Salvatore Ferragamo has live chat help even at 1 in the morning. which is quite weird. i mean what can u possibly talk about a bag. im not into designer bags, but lot of my friends are and invariably im getting slightly educated about which bag is good and why. i have so much random information stored in my head. i actually went to the Ferragamo store on 5th ave in new york and there were more sales people than actual people in that store. once u walk in the sales pple size u up and instantly know if you are going to buy something. most probably they look at ure bag (or poor excuse of a bag namely the satchel bag that i usually hold) and they know that ure just a looker. the one time we went in the sales rep was like do u have any questions. and we were like no thank you, just looking. and then he was like cmon not even a small question! i really wanted to sit down somewhere after having walked for four hours nonstop but i dont think that would have been appropriate to ask. neway another issue i have is the following salesperson. i dont know about others but at least i like to shop without someone following me around in fact i get quite paranoid when someone does that. what if i pick out something and they are thinking "eww".

furthermore, it just makes me compelled to buy something. its quite a good strategy.

ok i digressed. so orbitz shows you the hotels and loads of fancy pictures. and i wondered why it would be so cheap but then i think maybe im just too cynical. right. wrong. the hotel was different from the pictures. i guess its ok. i mean from the lobby i was like omigod we lucked out. and the guy on the front desk was like we upgraded u. i was like double wow. when we go up it was such a small room. i wonder how the nonupgraded room would be, probably has bunk beds or something. haha. anyway we were like its ok, we are going to maximize our stay in boston and we'll hardly be here in the hotel. so big deal even if its a pigeon hole. so we set off and guess what every single place is closed on thanksgiving! apart from our saving grace aubonpain. there were these fancy restaurants which were having thanksgiving lunch. but we are too cheap to dish out 70 bucks for lunch! i have no shame to admit that.

so aubonpain it was. suprisingly there were a lot of pple in aubonpain. which makes me think of many business ideas. anyway, the icing on the cake was the downpour. it didnt stop raining for like 2 mins even. all shops were closed. raining like crazy. so we decided to do the smart thing. go back to the hotel? no way. we decide to take the city tour. the desk attendant was like huh are u sure. its kinda dark u know. and its raining. but we have no option and there were many us types who had no option either. but the tour was so bad, u couldnt see anything coz of the rain and no matter how much i wiped the glass from inside , the drops onthe glass outside kept adding up. finally i gave up and fell asleep. yea i go all the way to boston and fall asleep on the tour bus. the guide's voice was so boring and his commentating was worse. and he seemed to take it personally when pple on the bus started talking among each other. who can blame them?

finally he was like the girls from pitt do you want to get off here. here being the Cheers bar. The Cheers bar is based on the hit tv show Cheers( which I have never watched) . It had no appeal to any of us. Plus I wondered why did he single us out to get off at the bar. its like 4 in the afternoon. do we look like alcoholics. maybe he thought i was drunk since i was sleeping.

later on we learnt we got on the bus at that stop. haha. neway we were all confused and asked him to drop off us at the hotel. which meant we had to start the tour again! arghhhhhhhh..

part 2 to be continued..


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