Tuesday, November 21, 2006

don..ko pakadna mushkil hi nahin na mumkin hai.. (its not difficult to catch don its impossible)

how cheesy does that sound. ok the heading above has no correlation watsoever with my post. and yea don released weeks ago. and im always the bearer of old news. at the diwali party(where you were supposed to dress up as some bollywood character) everyone and i mean everyone was dressed up as don. by lack of originality. and then there were the gazillion don jokes. "don ko 14 deshon ki police doondrahi hai" (don is wanted in 14 nations)..something like that and then someone goes well obviously since there are so many duplicate dons. at the end of hte party i was all ready to kill someone with my teer jaisi nazar (arrow eyes?? god knows if thats what it means) if they made one more don joke.

wat can i say im a party pooper.

neway, todays presentation which i had been stressing over for the last two weeks didnt go as bad as i thought it would. and our client team was pretty chilled out. after having sized up the client team over the last week and charting out their facial expressions, i expected some hardcore questions. but all they had were some clarifications on our case. moral of the story: some pple just look smart. but arent.

anyway not that my answers were awe inspiring or anything. but at least i didnt embarrass myself and thankfully i wasnt shaking like a bobble head continously. i decided to start of with some humour but then again no one really gets my jokes apart from my friends. either that or they are just humoring me. so anyway i experimented i tried to say something funny. i paused expecting some laughs. im seriously ok with giggles even chuckles hell even a smirk will do. well,no response. in order to not look more stupider(!) i then gave up andstuck to the content on my slides my voice getting monotonous by the minute . who am i kidding, this is boring me even. forget the rest of the class.

the funniest thing was one of the pple in the client's team was sleeping and he was sitting closest to the prof. hahah. aaj kal kei bachei. wat courage. i kept staring at him during the presentation. not to wake him up, hell the less u know the better. and obv the lesser the questions. but more so ,coz of the eye contact thing. this way im looking at him and it looks like im making eye contact but im not. and all im doing is thinking pls dont start snoring.

im goign to boston for thanksgiving. and having been warned that we will starve coz nothing will be open, i have packed pringles, chocolates and trailer mix. all set. however, my asian friends assure me that chinese restauranteurs are hardcore and wont be closed come wat may. i think its the same for most desi places. hopefully when ive moved to new york city, ill have a proper thanksgiving dinner for family and friends. turkey et al. i do think this is one of the nicest things in american culture.

so my goal in boston is to see the nutcracker and/or a musical . that and harvard square, obviously harvard (not that im in awe or anything =) just want to know whats all the fuss about). jk. im in awe. prob MIT if im really bored. boston harbour. and musuem of fine art. lets see how it goes.


Sharique 4:38 PM  

aaj kal kei bachei
pehle bache ache the kya :P
And i too hope that most of the people, to whom i present, are lost in their own world so that i can escape with many things unquestioned

life in words 10:34 PM  

Sharique, pata nahin if achei ya burei thei but at least they werent that shameless to sleep in class when sitting in the front row. =)

True. I wish that for all. Then they can ask you questions that youve already addressed in your presentation and then you can glare at them and say "As I had already said in my pres". Intimidate them into asking no questions.This is the strategy. Hahahah.

But bear in mind, the professor is enough to cream you with his questions.

Sharique 11:50 PM  

So you are in consultancy kya?
And you can tame the prof even..as me :D

life in words 11:21 AM  

nope not consultancy. God Forbid. haha. fin eng.

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