Saturday, December 09, 2006

down with z-u-n-e

so i love the apple store. and the super duper ipods. and their efficient support. ok firstly im going to gush on their store and their setup and the fact that pple actually think its cool to work in a techo (read geeky) place. life has come full circle. who would have thought that? well anyway, it was pouring like anything here today and as usual i have wardrobe misjudgements and today was my capris and flip flops day ( i kid u not) when the temp is 0 degrees celcius. its beeen an hour the heater is working ( i think) and im still not thawed out. so after braving all that i reach the ipod store and have an appointment scheduled with their technician. technicians at the ipod store are called "geniuses". based on that my expectations lifted that perhaps the geniuses will fix it.
which they didnt but they were nice about the whole thing. if u look at the back of the ipod theres no screws nothing so one can never ever open it and see what exactly is inside. i know its wierd to do so but id still like to have that option. so i asked and he said oh they want to make it seamless so thats why they dont have any way that a common man can open it. and when asked what happens to the broken ipod. then im not sure if he was making fun of me, but he was like they go back to california and meet up with their old ipod buddies, share their little ipod stories, and someone in the assembly takes care of them. funny. NOT.
ok i have no sense of humor, i know. turns out there was something wrong in the harddrive. and with not much jhanjat they replaced my ipod. within 10 mins. that has never ever happend to me. i was fully prepared to make the trips twice thrice and have them tell me to come back after two weeks/month. or charge me double the price of a new ipod for repair. sooooooo awesome. i am now an apple fan. time to switch over to macs.


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