Sunday, December 10, 2006

andei ya phir tamatar

SK(The hero): can i shout?
AR(The heroine): ure most welcome
SK: I loveeeee you.

wat the hell is THAT!do u think they are having the same conversation?? i cannot believe how pathetically corny the movie vivah is. story is simple. a couple who gets engaged and then the movie is about their lives from engagement to shaadi/wedding. i should have figured by the name that it would be kinda overtly senti. but this corny and cheesy, i cant imagine. .coming from me this is a big deal. since i have a huge stamina for crap hindi movies. i have watched something like dil ka rishta (dont ask. dont even google it) thrice. But within 10 mins i was cringing with the overdose of sentiness and after half an hour i wanted to kill myself, the music director of this movie (seriously, mujhei haq hai) and the screenplay writer. highly sidey read overtly cloying type dialogue-giri. Aaaaaaaargh...

is it just me hallucinating or were the protagonists actually(actor-actress) whispering to each other throughout the whole movie. dude, who talks like that. kaun kambakth baat karta hai aisei. (hahaah, this movie is getting to me)

the height of wierdness. and in the age of internet and free nightime minutes, why would they sit and write letters (ok some will say its sweet yea yea ok .but this shouldnt be the only form of communication ). i cant believe pple are so organized to do that, takes me forever to send out two three pieces of mail monthly. this way,if it were me, i dont think we would progress beyond hello and goodbye.

let me put this in context. the guy tells her so i cant talk to u/ or write you letters for a whole month now that im going to japan. i seriously dont get this part of japan having no post office or wireless service providers. its called making an international call. Jeez. just shoot me already.

and i know i may be all cynical and paranoid and just nitpicking. watever. the scene where they talk for the first time, in the arranged marriage scenario type thing, he gives his blurb on his liking someone else, and im thinking finally there is some climax to this story, nope no such thing. he of course is the quintessential good guy who just likes the bad girl (the girl with the numerous boyfriends) from afar. wat crap. and in the first two minutes he tells her he has tried smoking and drinking, but doesnt do it anymore. pls pls. gimme a break. having heard many of these stories of "meet the guy". which i shall save for another day. i have never heard any story where the guy will say any of this in that time span. or girl for that matter. no gender bias.
nanei farishtei hai saab. (little angels)

watever. and the characters are all so one dimensional. either black or white. no one is like that. we are all gray. some more grayer than others. neway, some parts are still ok and the climax part where she(the main girl) saves her cousin and gets burnt in an accidental fire, but the guy still marries her even though she has 3rd degree burns.that is all good. i mean that. pple watch movies and a lot are somewhat consciously or subconsciously influenced by them. so movies that have a good moral to them still have my support no matter how much i cringe from inside.


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