Thursday, December 07, 2006

life or something like it.
sunta agar ho to sun le taare lagta nahin kabhii ham ho.nge raahein
(If you're listening, stars, then hear this: I won't ever take to the roads.)
hum to bhai jaise hain waisei rahengei
(I will always stay the way I am)
-Veer Zaara
So today was the first snowfall. This means running noses. this also means sympathies from friends and family. most importantly family. nobody says bechara bacha anymore. hahaha. frozen fingers and noses. also means wearing those convenient type of coats that cover your nose and only show your eyes, allowing you to avoid those who should be avoided. haha.
this also means often embarassingly slipping and falling on icy roads in front of a gazillion people. this also means that this often now hilarious situation can happen to others. har har im mean.
this also means getting the-are-you-mad-look when eating icecream. but who cares about that, it also means that icecream prices will be slashed.
this also means feeling nice and warm inside when its harsh outside and feeling grateful to have a cozy place. when do i EVER have happy thoughts about our landlord. only during the first snowfall.


Sharique 4:49 PM  

I too love snow falls but haven't seen any. Enjoy!

life in words 11:18 PM  

its fun for only few days then its downhill all the way. i prefer the sun anyday.

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