Tuesday, December 12, 2006

the colors that we use and the strokes that we make define our picture to be made.

does anyone know why google has the "scream" painting image as their logo. im too lazy to google the significance. neway i finally bought my ticket. the ticket saga has officially ended. yay. not before i got another call from another travel agent who was giving me earlier dates (which i wanted ). and of course i was tempted like anyting. so ended up calling my travel agent and creating a on going trading scenaro of my own. 'so how much is he giving u, wait wait bibiji' but the sad part being. and as my decision making skills are soo poor. i was like great now i have to decide. finally i opted for the less shadier more reliable one, maybe a little more exp too. hopefully my ticket will come in two three days. if not, then i will be in deep deep trouble.

before leaving i have to take care of a whole list of tasks. first on the line is graduating, sorry second on the list is that, first is finishing my finals. third is to take care of paperwork/rent/visa issues. fourth is to find storage space. fifth an apt in nyc. pple who do read my sad blog and are from nyc or have some information on how to find an apt in one of the greatest city world, please do pass on ure wordly tips. sixth calling up my friend who is getting married in 12 days.

eeps, i wonder what she must be feeling now. my sister got married last year and it was chaos in my house and with the rishtadaars coming from all corners of the world, the house was like a big mela. poor girl had not time to herself, there was not a moment of peace or silence or even the two mins to be able to talk to her fiance. saddddd. probably the only moment of personal time is when ure in the bathroom but that too is interrupted with pple knocking to use the bathroom or not use the bathroom and just knocking randomly (hahaha im guilty of THAT) or other people who want their OWN personal space so that means having to intrude on someone else's personal space or like if the phool wala(decorator) or the ac wala ( the guy to fix the ac) has come and theres no one around (lets rephrase no one who is willing to do anything which involves moving a muscle ) is around so i believe it is quite stressful. finally she got so sick of all of us and kicked us all out (me, my family in its all entirety). her one argument and most valid one " im going to have dark circles under my eyes on my wedding. let me sleep and get out!!" thats enough to shut us all up.

that and then those hazaar issues with the tailor and the wedding dress and the thousand other dresses which you probably will wear once in ure lifetime. at times like these sucking up to the tailor is one of the better options. 'masterji hum bas aapkei paas hi atei hai, koi aur darzi pasand hi nahin' - (to the tailor-we only go to u, and we dont like any other tailor other than u).

This statement is usually after one has gone and given half their clothes to another tailor, whose shop is not even in another neighbourhood, but may be right next door.

there is no ethics left in the world.

(i wonder why desi pple call their tailors as master. its just so weird to me)

neway my mom has a pretty good alternative strategy. coz the above strategy is old. our tailors name is val-jee bhai. so subah sei (from morning) some relative is put on duty to check up on val-jee bhais daily sometimes 6 hourly progress. that way, women in my family have excellent delegation and managerial skills. hahaha. finally val-jee bhai will get so fed up of this constant questioning and will succumb and forget everyone elses clothes and do ours first. hehe. vot to do. desperate times call for desperate measures. and he will try his level best to not screw it up as often tailors are quite well known for. coz u know what that means, another relative put on duty to check out the alterations progress. hahaha. we suck.

well, anything that involves using the phone pple will happily oblige. things like going and talking to the hall decorator, the manager at the hotel, sorting out the menu. all these things which actually requirework will rest on the shoulders of a few. but i love ghar kei weddings, what do u mean ghar kei, well more like u know who is getting married and u are close to them. my cousin got married as well last year and it sucked coz i wasnt able to attend her wedding. damn school work. we practically grew up together and i still have tihs image of ours where we are like three or something and we are hiding under the side table. those were the days when two pple could fit under a side table. hahaa. neway we are sitting under that hiding and we both have this mischevious grin and i think my mom just captured that for posterity. dont know how she did that though. neway, so i missed out on her wedding and now im missing out on my friends wedding which i wont be able to go to. ive never been to a wedding in delhi and it sucks that i cant go coz of these stupid ticketing issues. and thats like a ghar ka wedding, coz she is one of my closee friends. i hate going to weddings where u dont know half the pple and ure randomnly smiling at everyone and no one in particular.

merai kyal sei weddings are supposed to be short n sweet and without much fanfare. invite not who u know, coz there are gazillion pple who u know but more like pple who u love and respect and who u know will be happy to share ure happiness.

ok i totally went of tangent with this post, this post was supposed to be on how relieved i am that finally things are wrapping up and a new chapter in my life will be starting, inshallah.


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