Thursday, December 14, 2006

this holiday season..

so we went to watch the holiday despite having finals next week. there was a time when i wouldnt step out of the house coz i had finals in three weeks. wat a difference in attitude. haha. who cares. neway, latest on the travel agent update. once u send them the check thats it, it becomes main kaun tu kaun. seriously. im getting super attitude from the agent and hes on the point of yelling at me. and none of my damsel in distress act is working. damnit.

ok watever. neway back to the holiday.story is simple two single girls who exchange their houses one in UK and the other in US in order to attempt to get away from their lives in order to get over their heartbreaks. and in turn they find love instead. its kinda cheesy. and seriously jude law is wrongly cast. but hes too good looking with glasses. sorry, im sounding like a 16 year old. but cant help it. jack black is ok. cameron diaz is better. however kate winslet rocks. shes done a great job and is likeable as the bridget jonesque diary kinda figure.

and as usual its about the bad guy versus the good guy. and as always girls are too dumb and tend to fall in love with the bad guy. she sums it up pretty well in the movie when she describes this phenomena to jack black who is going through his own heart break. something on the lines of. so you like the bad guy, thinking u can change him, and no matter how bad he treats u try to persuade ureself that it might be something u ve done or uve not done and when he does one good thing u ve sort of convinced ureself. so basically in the constant pursuit of trying to prove ureslf rite u dont see the "light".

the movie though cheesy sometimes has its moments. and besides anything to deter from studying for derivatives. im seriously conteplating becoming a movie trailor director.


yasmine 10:11 AM  

nooo, jude law needed to LOSE those glasses! i saw that movie two days ago, too. =) loved kate winslet. and jack black, he's so ridiculous, i can just never take him seriously. everytime he does that funny eyebrow-wiggling expression of his, i remember him in Nacho Libre and start laughing my ass off. :D

life in words 2:04 PM  

lol with or without hes pretty good looking, i never realized before. i thought jack black was miscast as well actually. i dont think he suits romantic comedies. and im so glad ure one of the few pple who liked nacho libre! i thought it was pretty funny but none of my friends thought so.

yasmine 1:07 AM  

Dude. What kind of sense of humor do THEY have? Nacho Libre was freakin' hilarious! =)

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