Wednesday, September 20, 2006

yei jo desh hai, swades hai tera, tujhei hai pukara...

so lately while on the pretext of taking a "break" from studying, ive been watching george ka pakistan. im not so much a fan of reality tv, of the survivors and bachelors and i dont know wat else. i just like the "sensible" ones like the apprentice. before it got all commercialized. well rather it was always, i was just too naive. well neway george ka pak is interesting, and george is endearing and sweet. as much as i like to believe the rumour that he gets married to some paki female perhaps the strong headed paki producer of Geo TV,I seriously seriously doubt the validity of that. In fact I dont think he even stayed on in pak for more than a month or so. i maybe wrong. who knows. ok spoiler alert now. theres a scene where george is in a bus and the guy next to him pays for his (george's) ticket. i guess to a person watching that youwould think oh thats really sweet of him to do that. but honestly, no one pays for anybody anymore. and the only reason i can see is coz hes a white guy, replace the white guy witha mexican dude or some chinese guy. will people react in the same way? i think not. but in this case there was a white guy, a cameraman, the possiblity to be on tv, so why not. i know im cynical. but i seriously do think that the color makes a big difference. having lived in a country all my life where pple who are white and i dont mean english,white i mean south african white even are paid higher than a desi in the same job just on the color of their skin. then again i think maybe it isnt discrimination maybe coz they are so many of us anyway so we arent the "guests" in the country and hence we dont really need that preferential treatment. had thier been many whites in pakistan just like there are desis in new york, would george have still gotten same kind of affection/help and understanding. i dont think so.

however that being said, its a good show and even though im not from pak i do think that it does makes you feel nostalgic about your home country. which i suppose was the intention of the show.


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