Monday, September 18, 2006

u know what. just to be sure u got that. ill say it again.

recently ive been noticing, pretty much in any bschool u will find, the majority of the people are over competitive, sometimes for no reason at all. ( ure standing in the line for the corporate presentation and believe you me there is someone thinking damnit i better get that cookie before he does) it would be sad if it werent so funny. (i have heard that somewhere!). i lack that competitive streak. i dont know what it is about me. its the 5 minute syndrome. u know when you have to go to school and your parents will be its late get up but your like 5 minutes, just 5 more minutes. i have got the best sleep in those 5 minutes. so basically my point, i lack that go getter- wake up long before your alarm goes off hell even before the 5 minutes are up. i procrastinate homework to the point that im forcing myself to get to the finishing line. and similarly i force myself to network and talk to pple who obviously know that im just angling for a job so i force myself to sound interested and passionate. its so fake that i can just throw up by the fakeness projected by my peers adn even me to a certain extent( yes im no angel).

the next of my pet peeves is the constant upmanship displayed by some peers, great u know the recruiter, great you know his family, his whole lineage. but tell it to someone else who does care. and the only conversation some pple will have with me is oh so who are you interviewing with and the extract every piece of possible information from me and then they clam up. and when i complain (which i do often) mostly to my sister shell be like "who asks yo uto be mother teresa ( which by the way is a way out of context analogy) . why do you have to tell them".

and i usually take the Monica of Friends fame answer "Shes like a conversational wizard she pulled it out of me".

moral of the story : never try to be funny when someones giving you a lecture.


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