Saturday, September 16, 2006

the rest is still unwritten...

I am easily confused, easily embarassed, highly sarcastic, a little sweet, mostly kind, somestimes shy, sometimes not, sometimes impatient and sometimes just plain annoying.
I said that I would know when it happens. i still hope i will.
I want to find the super job that i love and that will make me millions and then i can buy my family everything.
I wish I was the smartest kid in the world.
I miss thursday evening dinners and movies, eating till we would explode, waiting for everyone to gather in my parents room and then finally we'd start the movie.
I hear rain outside my window.
I wonder how my life would be had things been different had choices been different. irrespective of better or worse, I wonder.
I dance rarely, or rather when no one is looking
I sing all the time, walking to school, walking to work, in the bathroom, while cooking, sometimes in my sleep(just kidding..hah)
I cry when life is unfair and cruel. sometimes on others lives too.
I am never eating sushi ever gain. bah.
I write when im bored or when im having creative outbursts like now or just want to remember stuff i did.
I confuse friends birthdays. a lot. i will prob call u one day and wish u when its not ure birthday. hell, its the thought that counts.
I need everyone i love to be happy always. actually everyone should be happy always.
I never eat with my mouth open. everyone should adopt this. pls
I should write a screenplay for karan johar.
I finish books i like in one go


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