Saturday, September 30, 2006


so, i have six interviews lined up. one, for which i didnt even apply. I am ever grateful, God. i had one phone interview last week and it went off pretty well. well, i alwyas think my interview goes well(over confidence, sure) but when i never get the call back or when i hear about so and so has gone off to nyc for second round. i figure, it didnt go that well after all. recently, ive been having loads of trouble concentrating. nothing to do with the fact that its ramadan time. and by 5 oclock i cant think and im cranky and am googling recipes that i probably will never cook . so anyway, in a day of my boring life the recent update is ive changed study places, which frankly hasnt helped at all. my pet peeve is when you are in a study room, pls i beg of you, pls dont turn up your radio to the maximum. yes, especially when you have the headphones on. 1. its annoying 2. you are seriously going to damage your ear drums. 3. i cant hear the song, it just sounds like static noise, and that is truly irritating. i somehow always pick the wrong places to sit, theres always someone doing hte above, or someone whos bored and wants to talk talk and talk. someone who figures nows the best time to discuss their presentation which is due, not tomm, not next week or the week after but after a gazillion days!!! pls shutup. or the guy whos eating noisy chips. ok im mean. alrite the last guy doesnt bug me that much. yea ok fine. i do that too. but neway after this episode, i walk over to the undergrad library. thinking it may be quieter. i dont know what i was thinking. i set up everything, my laptop, my charger, my jacket on the neighbouring chair and my ipod charger. removed the-cool-shoes-which-torture-feet. and then...
these bunch of undergrads start arguing in front. and thats fine. if a. its all in english b. its all in chinese but if its interserped with chinese english words with words like how can you...blah blah unethical...blah blah..blab blah.. whose going to fill in now..blah blah..
and then there was this third person calling one of them on the cell phone and she didnt want to pick it up. she didnt even silence it. i had the urge to just get up and shut the phone off. but of course i didnt. just my allymcbeal moment. im much too polite for that.
what i did was give plenty of dirty looks. did loads of "tch choo chaa".
did any of it work? Hell No.

i have now given up and have resorted to googling english translation of chinese words.


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