Sunday, July 12, 2009

my big fat desi family

the issue with desi familes is that everyone and their mother is in your business. and you can never tell anyone anything, expecting them to keep a secret. and what follows is this convoluted chinese whispers, where someone will tell another something and they will tell something else to another someone and you end up hearing it from the fourth person and you are like what the hell when did i EVER say that. and coz families thrive on gossip, its great if you are on the receiving end of the gossip but if you are the gossip its the worst, coz then everyone and again their mother wants to know each and every detail of your oh-so happening life. will everyone please just let me be.


Ace 8:06 PM  

Come on give all desi's nd those with desi origins a chance.

Gossip is in our blood, we inherit it.

Dont tell me you dont know how good it feels.

Of course its never that funny once you are at the receiving end. In college I used to have people come up and ask,"So what is going on with ur private life?"

Private.. private. We just dont get the meaning

life of pi 7:50 PM  

lol i dont deny gossipng is ingrained in the desi dna. no such thing as private. to combat this i just start talking gibberish. or pretend i cant understand hindi.

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