Saturday, July 18, 2009

Dilgeer garzama labela taana [you have captured my heart and i wander aimlessly without you] - Paimona

so this has been a chilled weekend of sorts. part of my plan this weekend other than to unwind and relax was to actually do something productive - creatively. ie paint a picture for my bare and empty wall. i have been totally inspired by my trip last week to ikea. so much so that i want to move to a new appartment so i can start all over again, new furniture, new settings , new design ecetra ecetra. anyway so its been a process to get all the stuff that i want. considering i have decided to go paint in the park and not at home where i can actually be as messy and as disorganized as i want to be. to paint in the park, i need obviously canvas, paints, water, water in a cup, a palette, blanket to sit on, rug to wipe dirty hands and brushes on. and this is only coz im using acrylic paints and not oil paints which is a whole new mess altogether. anway so tommorow i plan to get up early clean my little studio and then start painting and hopefully finish it one day-or it will forever be unfinished.

anyway so today i was walking aimlessly today in 5th ave, major touristic hub. this is really bad for my bank balance, i inadvertently buy something. i am a clothes addict. and now after my niece i have this urge to make her a little fashionista. so i can never go out and not buy anything. but anyway i mainly like walking there since there are so many pple and i can always pretend to take pictures of buildings when im actually taking some random person's picture (you have been warned). what can i say people are more entertaining than buildings. most of the time hte pictures are blurry since i still am developing this skill of street photography and learning to surpress my you-caught-me-im-guilty-look. so anyway i was passing by this church and there was a lot of commotion there and like all desis i have to know kya hora hai. there was a couple getting married (well in the church) and i guess the ceremony was over and the bride was getting in the car that time and just taking last moment pictures or something. basically in new york you cannot even get married in shanti se. a big crowd of tourists had gathered and were all taking pictures of this randomn bride, who was so unfazed by the whole thing.

alrite fine im guilty of the picture taking too.

only coz i have never been to a christian wedding and i really want to go to one. so anyway we are all like paperazzi type clicking photos and another tourist asks me so who is it, whats happening? i go, i dont know someones just getting married. the tourist looks over and starts tkaing pictures too. and im just chuckling from inside. it reminds me of when my friend got married in the city, desi style with pheras and all, and her dulha had made a grand entrance in the middle of new york on a gohra. it was totally surreal and cool. there was a dhol bajana wala also and like typical larkei walei were all dancing in front of the gohra, who btw had come from new jersey and was well accustomed to mad desipanna of dancing in your best finery in front of an animal who is well capable of kicking you. so anyway a lot of random pple from the street joined the baraat and started dancing, the whole thing was so sitcom comedy like and so funny.
ok maybe not so funny in print, definetly a have to be there moment.

i would say this is reason 439 why i absolutely love new york.


Ace 10:06 AM  

You still not been to a christian wedding.

Dont tell me none of the people u know invited u to theirs.

And the desi wedding does sound funny. ;)

life of pi 8:18 PM  

lol sadly no. i have been to many a bridal showers but not that many weddings. i made one of my b est friends promise that if she ever does have a proper wedding that she will make me one of her bridesmaid. so i will go all out and actually be in the white wedding. lol. most of my friends are unmarried or sadly very unsenti and super practical about weddings. i have only been to one proper hindu wedding. and i have been to many arab weddings, its quite psuedo christian wedding minus the priest and the groom. =).

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