Friday, July 24, 2009

dhan te na..te na

so i have been listening to the kaminey soundtrack. and im pretty much hooked on the dhan te na song. i was reading bhardwaj's interview and he's like its like when you are telling a kid a story and you are building it up.. you say that for effect. that's very true. and that never really gets old. one still does that. [ or maybe its just me].

oh and yea my pet parrot used to whistle that too. pretty much the only tune he knew. i had no hand in that. khair, its very much a song that you would play on full volume and drive listening to on empty roads at full speed.

anyway speaking of pets, i was walking past brookstone and it is now selling this aquatic frogs aquarium which is supposedly a self contained ecosystem. [ ok i am not sure why i am using the word supposedly..hmm.. maybe coz i dont believe them]

anyway so you feed them twice a week these pellets. they are the diet version of the regular frogs meal, i suppose. who knows. the model diet, if you will. coz the usp is that they wont ever grow.

seriously, how low maintenance is that? ill still end up botching it, i should start with cacti first.

oh, and you clean their aquarium twice a year only! [apparently the tiny snail that lives with the frogs is the maid]

thus validating my theorem that you need three people in a perfect marriage: the couple and the maid.


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