Tuesday, May 05, 2009

and we rise and fall to only rise again

"i find dubai revolting" - some character in todays episode of 90210.

ok yes - the show isnt something to quote, and i really watch it coz im the equivalent to those who get hooked on the saans bahu serials and despite their inane storylines cant let go. anyway a year ago, dubai was the "it" place and characters in popular shows were mentioning dubai in reference to the fact that it was THE popular destination last year and the fact that being global was in. but as everything tanks and correlations are at their all time high, global is now equivalent to local. and something tells me this new found love is just temporal.

jiska koi nahin hai, wuska pi hai. i still laove you my beloved, dubai.


Ace 10:14 AM  

It isn't the best of times for Dubai right now but once u live in a place,you find special zones.

Sigh, I miss Pune.

life of pi 4:25 PM  

true that. where u at nowadays

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