Thursday, February 19, 2009

so take the photographs and still frames in your mind.
so i restarted my guitar lessons again. and like everything in life, things seem sooo much better in the past. like how one dirham could get you a coke and a kit kat bar. and now one dirham cant get you basic gum. yes, those were the days. sigh. my first instructor was an overenthusiastic,a super encourager, so overtly happy and enthusiastic that i even contemplated whether she was just habitually stoned. yes, yes im not so much of a sunshiny-its-a-beautiful-day-person so i look onto them with great suspicion. jk. me and a friend would crib endlessly on the lines of "just let us play lady and stop interrupting us - the awesome guitarists that we are" (NOT).
so now i get the opposite, where the instructor is not so into "getting the chords right" - he doesnt tokofy you when you have problems switching between the chords or when i "don't strum all the strings" or when i dont curve my fingers ..etc etc. and granted i dont like being interrupted when im getting into it- i do think that when you are making a mistake, its good when someone is vigilant enough to care and correct you. sadness. but anyway we learnt some cool songs, which makes you feel a little good about yourself and make you hope that you arent a loser when your ultra slow strumming makes the song sound like everything but the song. i remember after our amateur performance last year, two guys in the elevator were like "okay that didnt sound anything like it". yes, we were forgettable to the extent where he didnt even remember that our group was the one performing and that we were all enclosed in that elevator together. so now im finally happy since the time of your life actually sounds like it should.
so,i hope you too have the time of your life.


Ace 7:13 PM  

Upload a you-tube video of the performance.


life of pi 6:57 PM  

i suck too much when i get slightly better will do so.

life of pi 6:57 PM  

i suck too much when i get slightly better will do so.

Ace 7:00 PM  

Unlikely. :)

More likely humility personified

life of pi 10:21 AM  

:) i can tell you the original song though its sounds soooo much better. listen to get back and last dance with mary jane.

Ace 6:51 PM  

You should be like the fearless open bathroom singer.

"I may suck at it but there must be other ppl in the world who sing worse than me."

Good enough reason to release those exclusive videos.:)

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