Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"Diaper backward spells repaid. Think about it." -Marshall McLuhan

my sibling is expecting her first child next month, inshallah. its the first baby in our household and im excited, happy, nervous, tensed, a little overwhelmed and i would say a little nostalgic. all at the same time. im excited to be an aunt, of course a cool aunt at that. im excited to spoil the little tyke. im excited to be the aunt that everyone tells their secrets to, the aunt who will read wall street journal to tyke so he/she becomes super brainy and yes the aunt whose place kids want to spend their summer vacations at, since im so awesome and nice blah blah blah. yes allll that. but im nervous and tensed too since im scared about the whole painful labour that women have to go through. and i think my sibling is quite brave, although i dont tell her that too often (for good reason that) . i also feel a little nostalgic since this is it - this is a new generation coming in and their lives are not going to be the same anymore. our lives arent going to be the same anymore. its not going to be us and our crazy fights of pulling each others hair, we are all grown up now. well she more than me, but by default so am i, i guess. and now there is a big responsibility and one can't pick up their bags and head out spontaneously wherever and whenever. its the end of the nomadic life. (not that we have so much of a nomadic life, but at least one has the option ) but thats all in the past and this is the beginning of something. begininning of something better and something so selfless it amazes me day in and day out how people choose to have children and expect literally nothing in return from them. it totally is the most selfless job you can have and you tend to appreciate your parents more once you have been a parent. so they say.

well anyway, other than the baby shopping ( the gender of the baby is still a mystery), crib building, learning about which stroller has been recalled, which is the top parent pick..etc etc.
i have learnt that suddenly all these random aunties (and no not the cool aunty like yours truly but the aunties that try to fix you up with their 100 year olds sons - those kind of aunties) anyway they have been making a beeline for my sister. all of a sudden, they are concerned about whether shes eating right. and whether they can get her a chair to sit on. whether they can get her something to eat. and this is the best, whether they can throw her a baby shower - and really they barely know her. whats the catch, really? so anway the non cynical part of me wants to believe that yeh kaali daal nahin hai. but alas, guess what..they say apparently during labour, the mother should do dua since God listens to her prayers. more so coz she is in pain. I cant seem to find any verse on this and i dont know how much of this is hearsay or actually true, but these aunties believe it, and after much courting of my sister they land the masterpiece request
"acha beta, meri ek list hai - labour mein tum hogi na toh yei sab mere liyei dua kar lena" - wat the...! i have no words.


Ace 7:09 PM  

Woah!! Thats an extreme request. I have asked people to pray for them when others are at Mecca, dargahs etc but never this.

Anyway even I am at times flummoxed by the kids concept. Its like a 17--19 year committment. But again maybe there is a joy there which only parents know about.

My mom many times says,"Only when u r a father(or mother) can u understand the worry and anxiety about a childs welfare even if he is a 1000 miles away"

life of pi 10:20 AM  

i know isnt it? its like such an extreme request. like i cant get how selfish pple can get. and its not a 17-19 year logn commitment, its a life long commitment.

Ace 10:47 AM  

Yup it is a lifelong committment but the restriction do ease a bit after the kids go to college(in another faraway town hopefully).

No more kids have exam, cant go to the marriage or the holidays dont match and the stuff.

And yes to wonder about the returns is selfish but we are all human.

I know some couples who choose not to have kids coz they are busy with their careers.

Of course whether they are right or wrong is another domain

Ace 11:12 AM  

And oh by the way congratulations on becoming a khala. ;)

U will probably have more affection for ur sis kids than any other cousins etc.

life of pi 5:24 PM  

is khala the same as maasi? we usually say maasi. of course, im super protective about my siblings and will be even more so about their kids.

life of pi 5:26 PM  

"I know some couples who choose not to have kids coz they are busy with their careers."

i agree, each his own.the only reason to have a kid is if you want to and not becoz you should.

Ace 7:35 PM  

While we all agree that the only reason to have a kid is if the couple wants it, the fact is Indian society enjoys poking their nose in.

Couple not having a kid after a year of marriage impliess all the old aunts start whspering and uncles look with disapproval.

Yes khaala is same as maasi.

I can already see a best maasi in the world being formed.

And whats with ur pic.

life of pi 6:38 PM  

lol thanks.

i never get why other pple care about when others have kids. its just pathetic.

thats my toddler pic, nautankiness is in my genes

Ace 6:47 PM  

The complement was deserved.;)

Why peoplecare about whenothers have kids?No idea but if I had to guess its something to do with Indian society and the fact that elders know best.

:)Goodpic.There is a trend to put the pics of childhood.U r overshadowed by the guy who put a pic of him as a 2 month kid on a mat.

Oh btw willing to share ur e-mail? If nothing else I might have a few nice forwards once a forthnight or so.

Or is that declared as a private variable?

life of pi 5:07 PM  

damn 2 month old beats 3 year old or god knows how old i was.

lol its a protected variable. (im guessing this is a sad OOP joke) Will give bloggers/blurkers special priviledges to email me, ill add my contact info later this week.

Ace 6:01 PM  

I know.. Tragic. But u could claim victoryas your photograph in the absolute sense is likely to be as old as the two month oldpic.:)

If you can't win reprogram the benchmarks. Works.

U r a true geek at heart. Instead o directly transmitting the file , you will set up a http service and enable FTP transfer coz thats more elegant.

Well if its protected then any subclass can inherit it. Subclass= anyone who knows you.

Poorer OOPjoke.

life of pi 6:55 AM  

HAHAhahahahahahha. Jokes only geeks can understand. Hilarious. i think you beat me in terms of geekiness. (barely)

Ace 9:19 AM  

Q). What did one packet say tothe other?

Ans-Life is short

Ace 9:30 AM  

Q).What did one virtual circuit or the VOIP packet say to the other?

Ans. Follow me.

Ace 9:35 AM  

Q). What did one packet say to the other while entering the undersea fibre optic cable.

Ans. There is light at the end of the cable.

Q). What did the other packet reply?

Ans.) Idiot,analyze the dispersion. Its a laser

Ace 9:37 AM  

I always like to win by large margins.

Because I have risk mitigation policies in place.

Too many aargh kind of jokes for a day.

Sad jokes zindabaad

life of pi 8:50 AM  

lol. ashraf you win hands down. i dont even want to try to compete.

Ace 9:47 AM  

Acceptance Speech(the opponent having conceded).

Thank you ladies and gentlemen. Its a pleasure to have this honour.

For this I would like to remember my pet chinchunhua or something like that. I have his name tattooed on my arm. May god giv him heaven.

This would also not have been possible without packets and a certain Miss Heena aka Pi from the big apple.

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