Wednesday, January 02, 2008

much ado about absolutely nothing.

so this year i decided (well, my friends decided) that i would witness my first new years eve party ever. barring one year ive always been at home in dubai. and besides that ive always spent it with my family at home. when we were little, we were never allowed to go out with friends on new years eve, we would always spend it at home and even if we were out for dinner we would make sure we were back by 12. and would swtich to channel33 and wait for the clock to tick 12 and then we would wish each other. and read out our resolutions. most of which our parents had written for us. which we made and broke instantly.
so this year we decided to go to a new year eve party, it was a totally desi party, so i was quite prepared for the wannabees. so we reach there and the line is really long, which is considered an ok sign since it shows the club is popular or something like that. so we are waiting in line when a guy comes up to us and is like do you have an eticket coz if you do we arent letting you into the club. at this point i have a super shocked expression about to faint, coz it was just a process getting there and forcing everyone to come and it would be really disapointing not having witnessed it. well then the guy goes look at your face im just messing with you and then proceeds to ask for the ticket. im quite hesitant now to give it to him, since it might just be someone who wants a free ticket and he didnt even have a badge to show that he works for the event managment company.
well anyway, so he turns around tears up the ticket, thrashes it and walks away and starts talking to his friends. at this point we are shocked and giving him super angry looks. my brother in law yells out to him and they start having an argument. and then he tells us he went to get our hard copy tickets. why didnt he tell us before tearing up our ticket? so they start arguing and then he tells the bouncer to not let us in. at this point im fretting coz its super embarassing. and im having visuals on how they show in movies where they "dakhei maar" kei remove you. and there lot of pple behind us that can witness that. so the guy above apologizes, but my brother in law is still pissed and finally my sister intervenes and explains the situation and everything is alrite. however that guy keeps coming back to us and trying to instigate a fight and ask us "why we got so angry". hmm, lets see why.
anyway its so not what i imagined it to be. from the flyers, i imagined it would be in a loft on the top of a high rise building where the skyline is visible and since its a masquerade party pple would be wearing fancy masks. and there would be lot of places to sit and hang out. once we enter its like an underground dump or a factory that is going to be demolished soon. you cant see anything, its smoky and pple are dancing inthe crowd, there is an upper level with pple on top overlooking the dance floor. there is an uncle aunty gang wearing salwar suits and dancing bindass. which is funny and weird at the same time. absolutely no place to sit and lot of shady people. and music was pretty crappy too. and having been told there would be screens which show the ball drop, it was a big disappointment no screen and no ball drop. so after a lot of head bobbing and moving sideways to and fro we decided we had enough and left and went home. and then went to our neighbourhood diner for a late night meal. needless to say the highlight of the day was our lunch and dinner. lunch (afghani kebabs) and dinner (chicken strips and mozarella sticks).
everything in life (alrite most things) should be experienced at least once in life. this is not one of those things.
happy new year everyone. May your year ahead be filled with lot of joy, happiness and good memories.


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