Monday, December 24, 2007

duniya saji tere liye, khud ko zara pehchaan tu.

i dont understand sometimes this indefinite need for pple to define you. when you are in school you are asked when will you finish school, when you are in college when will you finish college, when you finish college, when will you get married, when you get married - when will you have kids. only after this, have you have done what you are supposed to do in this word called life.

it doesnt end there, the cycle repeats for your kids.

and god forbid if you didnt finish high school, if you flunked out of college, or if you got divorced, or if you had a miscarriage.

its like these goals are the law and if you dont achieve or like above break these goals, they will pester you until u succumb or if you never achieve them you will be pitied no matter how miserable one ownself may be after having achieved all of the goals. and if you do achieve them , everyone will release a huge sigh of relief like it was the biggest bhoj that THEY were under. and finally, this burden has been lifted of their shoulders. it should be noted they dont even know you. and if you were to suddenly disappear, they would not even realize.

its like sometimes you cannot and are not supposed to have any personal goals then the above. so wat if you didnt go to university? so what if you arent married ? so what if your well into your 7th year of marriage and dont have a kid? nobody wants to know what you do at work, nobody cares. nobody wants to really know how your lifes been, nobody wants to know whether youve joined a musical band, or are travelling three months in a year and seeing more than the world youve seen in your life, or youve become a licesenced diver. or your child said their first words yesterday. or youve published your first paper. or you made your first pilgrimage. no one gives a shit.

im not trivializing the "golden" goals, but each individual is different and noone has the right to say which goal is important than the other and no one should be forced to live life other than the way he/she deems it.


Ashraf's Pen 1:28 AM  

The bold find their own path. True strength does not come from doing what is thought to be good but what you want to do, going where you want to go.

"Sab ki sun leta hoon main chup-chaap magar,
Apne dil ki karte jaana meri aadat hai"

life of pi 12:41 AM  


very true. where did you get that couplet from?

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