Saturday, January 19, 2008

im sending out an sos.

so this week's movie is 27 dresses. for a die hard fan of "chick flick" (romantic comedies), this would be the movie of the month. but sadly its far far from that. it could have been great. so the story is pretty simple, a girl who is so into marriages, has been a bridesmaid for 27 of her other friends. and she truly cant wait to get married.

so all the typical cliches are there, the girl who is a complete idealist. her best friend a cynic. the guy she falls for the "perfect" guy and her irritating and annoying sister who eventually ends up with the "perfect" guy. the guy who irritates you but who you secretly crush on and eventually end up marrying. and then in the end, the best friend falling for the best man.


the movie is not unique in any way, not even those little scenes in the middle of the movie that spring up and make u go aww. theres none of that. the lead pair have zero chemistry and all the while ure hoping its going to get funnier its going to get better. but the movie gets over, and your like damn we should have watched a movie where aliens capture new york. as my friend puts it, yet again.

weirdly enough, there were lot of guys watching this movie. and no they were not being forced to by their girlfriends or wives or friends.

but some things hold true. like when you get the morning paper, everyone has their favourite section. there are some pple, who dont feel like they have read a paper until they read the cover page, others the entertainment section first (ie me), then others the business pages, others the matrimonials section, then there are others who prefer the TV guide.

so desis dont really have that bridesmaid culture, but there is the married girl - sometimes a relative who you barely know - even if it someone you really know, who is supposed to accompany you on stage and be by your side and explain "things". (coz you are soooo comfortable listening about it from them or coz you cant just read about it by ureself). but a bridesmaid/best man in the western world, is quite different, its usually being dressedup and honored as being one of the best friends of the bride or even groom. secretly (not so much as a secret now since im blogging about it) i ve always wanted to be a bridesmaid or at least see one of these white gown weddings, but sadly lot of my friends are cynics and dont see the point to a grand wedding just a registered marriage thing is sufficient. which again i dont think is wrong since one shouldnt be sucked into doing exactly what this multi billion dollar wedding industry makes everyone think they should do. its just a whole lot of stress and a negative balance for a long long long time for a day that isnt even fun. i dont know a single person who have really enjoyed on their wedding day. im not saying they dont consider it important, or the most significant day of their life, but i dont know a single person who really was chilled out and thoroughly enjoyed the whole day and not the bits and pieces in between.


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