Thursday, January 10, 2008

chalti ka naam tata nano

ok, so obviously my post today is about tata's, newest car on the block. ie the tata nano. Im not particularly impressed with this moniker, its very ipodish. Ok, i know many pple will argue with this statement considering the word nano isnt really an ipod copyright.

So the good.

obviously the Rs 100,000 price. It makes me so happy that I can now afford a car. sadly only in India. but on the bright side yay, im moving up the accomplished ladder, next goal - a house. Ok honestly i think the Tata nano is on first glance a pretty compact, no frills car that does the job (ie transport you from point A to point B). It doesnt have airconditioning, it is atleast four doors (yay, probably the only requirement to be a car), its cute and has that wannabe celebrity thing going for it (celebrities occasionally like to drive cutesy cars, so im guessing the popularity of this car will hit the roof when it actually starts selling) . And I hear the construction is pretty top quality and is not something thats going to fall apart when you are driving. Then again, theres no real guarantee, I have driven supposedly "expensive brand" cars and they literally have fallen apart and no im not kidding.

The Bad

Congestion, congestion and congestion. Not to mention, pollution, pollution and pollution. Hopefully Tata would have thought of investing in ways to come up with solar energy or making this a hybrid kind of car.

I was watching a segment on NBC (i think thats what it was) about the nano. some pple called it a glorified rickshaw, others saw it as a cheap alternate to the motorbike (which is precisely what Tata says he was aiming for) and then there were others who landed with 100,000 rs hard cash and others went plastic. however, the cars actually hit the market a year later.

enough time for competition to catch up?


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