Saturday, October 20, 2007

of the yins and yangs

so after a whole 2 month of coming home after 9 at nite i finally got time to go get a haircut and do my eyebrows. i.e self grooming. and look like a human for a change. filmy dialogue translation "ab insaan ban gaye hoon". ive been getting the subtle hints at work, of course polite ones, "why dont you straighten your hair, it will look good on you". "your hair is finally looking nice". i know. im perpetually having a bad hair day. so much that im contemplating buying badges that they sell in central park that say "bad hair year".

anyway so i normally get all this done at my neighbourhood desi salon, coz of the extra added "pyar" (read scolding) that i get when i show up after months looking like a junglee. they always yell at me saying why dont you come every two weeks like we tell you too. what can i say, i appreciate the yelling it reminds me of home.

anyway so i ask for a haircut and the hairdresser turns out to be a gay guy. and yes i know this is totally absurd and shallow of me and hypocritical, coz the laundermat where i do the dry cleaning of my work clothes is done by a chinese man, but i still find it weird to get a hair cut by a guy. and obviously i couldnt refuse at that moment and be like no no its fine i dont want the haircut now. especially after the manager had fit me in.

so i ended up getting the haircut. and it wasnt the greatest haircut ever. but it wasnt that bad either. however that being said, there are somethigns that no matter how old you grow, things that go out of your own comfort zone and its nothing to do with religion or culture or anything really, its just the way it is. like talking about "the" relationship with the elders in the family, its something you arent super comf doing. like even going to a doctor, i wouldnt want my mom to do my checkup. i am just too embarassed in front of my mom. there are pple who being desis dont want desis do their medical checkup, they feel embarassed and prefer someone else.

i guess we all have some hangups which we sometimes dont realize, and sometimes do realize although we know they really are quite stupid to have.


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