Sunday, October 21, 2007

hum tau aise hai bhaiyaaa...

ok so the movie of the week is laaga chunari mein daag directed by pradeep sarkar of "parineeta" fame. who is unarguablely a good director and knows how to shoot a scene, but the script is poor and even though the acting is good, one can only do so much. the movie is based on the small, poor but obviously super happy family in benares, and then due to the money problems, the eldest (rani mukherji) becomes a high class escort and supports the family and theres a track where the younger daughter (konkona sen) who is first oblivious to her elder sister's profession, and then comes into the know. I am quite mixed on this movie, there are hardly any light moments in the movie, but its not even a fully blown emo drama as well. I think the promos give the movie away and we hardly see the eventual growth of rani mukherjis character. one day she cant speak english and the next day shes flying off to paris to attend some conference. its a bit strange. then it doesnt make sense why she continues in this profession when she has enough money to do something else. i couldnt really sympathize with the characters. and the ending scene is just ridiculous. i dont know, i guess we have already seen the fairytale ending (i.e Pretty Woman) and thought it was cute and romantic, but here it was absurd and forced.

my only reason to watch this movie is kunal kapoor, who is so naturally cute that you cant look at anyone else when hes there (again that may be only me who feels this way). but all the actors have done a good job, especially the bengali ladies jaya bachan,rani mukherji and konkona sen who are very natural.

all in all a movie that can be watched on dvd on a rainy day, not necessarily the line-up-at the-ticket-counter-four-hours-before-the-movie nor the buy-online-since-we-think-the-tickets-will-be-sold-out.


Anonymous,  12:19 AM  

This movie is a blatant copy of an old Hindi movie Aaina or something which had Mumtaz in rani's role... Nakal mein bhi akal guess Pradeep didnt put in too much effort to make the copy interesting...

I liked BhoolBhulaiya much more...

life of pi 8:55 PM  

i havent seen the old hindi movie and ,but im sure this story has been done before. but i dont think the direction was bad though, it was still engaging just lacked soul and heart.

Ashraf's Pen 9:33 PM  

Oh good review.

I had heard a little too much of hype about the movie like excellent feministic film , women centric etc and was intrigued enough to watch it but will now give it a miss

life of pi 8:42 AM  

and what make yashraj films lose your 100 rupees (or whatever the cinema ticket rate is now). how totally selfish of me. lol. u should go watch it, its not thaaat bad and you should never listen to me. lol.

Inam 4:15 AM  

You take out Konkana Sen and Kunal Kapoor from the movie and it has nothing new to offer.

I was pretty disappointed with the climax. Two three similar movies and I'll carry forward my family history of diabetes!

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