Wednesday, August 22, 2007

dillagi ka junoon, zindagi ka junoon.
i think sawant is someone to watch out for. this song has the sufistic appeal for soft rock music fans. and the video( on youtube) is good too. there is definetly something about rocky barren areas where not a single soul is to be seen and you can cruise around in a classic convertible. there is some kind of calming affect, to be surrounded only by nature and its quietness. that being said, i dont think i would be ever to take that road trip alone. or even with friends. it has its appeal but only visually. each his own. and i know you can never say never, and i do think it definetly should be tried once.
neway, back to soft rock. i wonder where those silk route guys disappeared. i actually thought they were good. and liked their other tracks far better than the one that got popular "boondein". i really liked them, they were quite an inspiration to wannabee guitarists like me.

on a totally random note, i recently read a comment on someones blog on the lines of that only sad pple blog. i dont think this is true at all. i dont htink its got anything to do with sadness. i think its more on the lines of expressing yourself. whether it may be about voicing your opinion on some political matter, cribbing about your life, posting random pictures or quizzes on your blog, writing useless stories of your day. its just a means to express yourself without the fear of sounding stupid. and the pseudo journalist in you.

sapno ko phir sajaye, umeedon ko jagaye yeh junoon

har baaton mein junoon
har vaadon mein junoon

armaanon ke diye mein jaise, lau kar chal aaye yeh junoon.


Ashraf's Pen 11:32 AM  

"Only sad ppl blog"

Thats the most laughable opinion I have heard.

I would rather say only people with a creative vein blog

life of pi 6:09 PM  

agreed, that and pple with too much time on their hands. LOL.

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