Sunday, August 05, 2007

darna zaroori hai..

so here's what happend to me on the subway yesterday. these two desi guys (typical software engineers guys.. i can bet my whole years salary that they were!) got on the subway yesterday and quickly sat down next to the 2 free spots next to me. after they sat down they realized, i was desi. the guy sitting next to me got super scared for some reason and was chipkofying to the other guy, almost like he was going to sit on his lap. and with every movement of mine, he would get really nervous. it only helped when i took out my ipod to change the song.

his thought process "shit desi girl....oooooh nice it 4gb or 8gb..does it have video?".

i got off at the next station and a cardiac arrest was prevented.

just to be mean, i could've taken out my camera just before getting off, and should've taken a picture and said "hey guys, say cheez". im sure they would have fainted. hahah. jk. sadly, i only think in my head.

Gabbar singh: Yahan sey pachaas pachaas kos duur jab bacha rota hai to maa bolti hai soo ja betey soo jaa, warna desi larki aa jayegi".

hahahha. im lame, i know. but they were lamer, seriously.


Ashraf's Pen 11:17 AM  

I dont think I have special needs or anything like that but I simply dont get it why would desi guys be afraid of desi gals.

Maybe the joke is more subtle.

I for one would try to start a conversation

life of pi 7:17 PM  

no idea, but it exists.. i actually have a pakistani friend, who is very social and talks to everyone but when it comes to pakistani girls he, himself has said he cant talk to them. and i really cant understand that.

you know now in retrospect maybe i was stinking or something. =)

and seriously ive never seen anyone start up a conversation on the subway. especially in the mornings where its all commuters and no tourists/pple hanging out you can actually go 20 minutes or so with absolute silence or ipods music sounds from headphones.

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