Wednesday, August 08, 2007

aat dus ki pehli local.

today was my longest ever commute to work. it took me +3 hours to get to work(normally takes 45 mins). i had more than half a mind to call in sick. nearly all the trains were out of service, because of some heavy rain in the morning. (although i really didnt think it was that heavy) and when i stepped out of the house i was like "wow aaj kuch khafi shant hai, kya baat hai" and i was also proud of the fact that i left home early, so I could reach well before time.

khayr, after i discovered this major issue, the second option was going by cab or bus. but its fate that you can never get a cab when you REALLY want one. otherwise when you dont want one, a million cabs will stop in front of you. getting on a bus wasn't an easy task either and after a lot of pushing and shoving, mera number finally agaya, but it was super crowded bus, i couldnt breathe or move. it was so so cramped and the bus was hardly moving, and i injured someone in the eye with my bag. so i did the best thing one can do in this sveltering heat: i walked. and after walking "aimlessly" south, i later on did something i've never done before either, i.e take a cab with 3 other strangers who were all heading out to wall street. we hardly spoke to each other in the commute, it was like sitting in the train but smaller version.

after having stressed the whole morning, i had a moment. while sitting in the cab i finally gave up. i didn't care anymore whether i was late, whether my manager gets called asking why im absent, whether i have to stay after training to hear a lecture on punctuality (im does sometimes happens at other places though),i just didnt care. the epitome of apathy. and when in fact, i started to feel like the guy from "Office Space", and was just about to get out of the cab and spend the rest of the day at a museum, like a sad twist of fate the cab reached work.

and then slowly but surely, my stress crept back in.

two things learnt :_
i have a new found respect for those who commute in super crowded modes of transport.
new yorkers cannot survive without the metro.(train system).
and they should not be forced to survive it either.
and as law abiding, super-heavy tax paying citizens we have a right to trains 24-7.
Sarfaroshi ki tamana ab hamara dil mein hain!
signing off for now,
- a little crazy and a lot tired me.


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