Sunday, July 22, 2007

coz ive got one hand in my pocket..and the other one's giving out peace signs.

so the movie of the week is "pardner" or "partner". however you want to spell it. it has to be one of the dumbest movies ive seen all year. and though im not really in a position to be passing judgement,[ but then again im not really forcing millions to watch me]. neway, i have to say salman khan is looking pudgy as hell. either he is overtly happy (katrina kaif) or overtly depressed (aishwarya rai's wedding). either way its bad for him.

govinda is i guess govinda and though he is really trying hard, i dont think its working. the last part i actually fell asleep. ok so hte movie review from what i remember, its a really bad copy of hitch. salman khan is supposedly the all knowing of what women want and is grooming govinda so that he gets katrina. is it just me or is this a match made in bad movies.

i dont want to even get started on lara duttas role. or the lack there of it. rajpal yadav as the "chota don" is funny in parts. katrina kaif is really pretty but doesnt have much to say.

in other news, mini golf is not recognized as much as it should be. it has to be one of the most fun outdoorsy events that i have ever tried. i guess im much more appreciative now of mini golf after having been part of a team that was building one from scratch. isnt that normal though, we value things only when we've actually struggled for it.


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