Friday, July 20, 2007

are we teamwork-challenged?

the last three days feel as i have been on apprentice. we were fifteen teams and were involved in building infrastructure for children's camp.

its always interesting to see how pple are in stressful times. there are some who are unhelpful from the word go. but then there are some who become a bit selfish when the deadline approaches. each his own, i guess. and then there are some, who do well during crunch time. they make a decision and make the best of it. and the end product is well worth it.

so that basically sums up the ice breaker tiring knees scratched feet blistered humid but overall fun teamwork event. the sad part though is children have grown up so much and have been exposed to greater and nicer things and its hard to impress them. its almost like asking someone to settle for snickers bar when they can have a godiva chocolate. (i actually prefer the former..haha) ok perhaps not hte greatest analogy. but there were times where we severely criticized for our work by the children of the camp, even though we had put our heart in it and were so convinced that they would love it. and then there were times where some kids appreciated it and couldnt wait to use all the new projects and were eager to do so.

i guess life is about keeping the majority happy.


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