Thursday, July 12, 2007

coz my inner geek hearts dilbert, and coz there is philosophy in comics.

"i have this theory that everyone has their quota of happiness. Once it runs out, you die" - Scott Adams, Dilbert Comics.

I think Im sort of agreeing with Scott Adams, although Im not too sure if hes being sarcastic or he really means it. not being too morbid, but it sort of makes sense. if u can in fact control your emotions you will lead a more stable life.. i know it sounds weird, coz everyone says you should see the bright side and try and be happy most of the time..but longevity of life is more about how often you are in your natural state.

in emergency situations, its usually the calm who take the lead, who have the ability to think quickly and make the right decision. on the trading floor, its those who can control the feeling of overconfidence and greed or the floaty happy feeling or those who can control the anger, the depression of losing money/self esteem. its those who are the ones who last longer.


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