Tuesday, April 03, 2007

look before you leap

my sister and my brother in law were visiting me on the weekend. I have never lived in an apt which has an outside fire escape and frankly its a bit scary looking. (the fire escape in old apt buildings in nyc is equivalent to a winding staircase outside the apt window)

so this is just before dohr ki namaz when im wearing my dupatta (head scarf). this is a more have to be there kinda moment but watever.

b-in-law opening the window: h do you know you have a fire escape
me: yea
bil: you are supposed to use this as an exit during the fire
me: yea, i know. *considering my fear of heights i would probably risk being burnt than climbing down the fire escape*
bil: so how about doing a demo
me: yea sure.*sarcastically* imagine me coming out the window wearing my white duppata. the next thing you know pple on the street will freak out and the police will be here in seconds.
bil: *laughing* yea i can imagine the headlines on TV "al qaeda's wife caught in new york coming down the fire escape"
me: *laughing* yea but u know al qaeda is not actually a single person.
bil: true, but that h is US media for you.


Sharique 12:07 PM  

Are they so idiot to assume al-qaida to be a person? You must see the video in which Americans are interviewed by a reporter only to find the pathetic state of knowledge in them.

life of pi 12:31 PM  

sharique: LOl, we are just assuming. the point being US media is quite dramatic.

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