Monday, April 02, 2007

and this is how you remind me

conversations of the day(s):

it was my sisters birthday and i wanted to buy chicken pastries. i go into a local bakery store

me: Excuse me, do you have chicken pastries?
guy no 1: huh *calls guy no 2*
guy no 2: u want chicken pastries?
me: yes
guy no 2: we dont have. they have at the indian store. are u indian?
me: yes, i am. are u indian?
guy no 2: *with an offended look* no im bangladeshi.

a great big of a deal. jeez. its all the same to me. well, maybe not. especially after the world cup debacle, no one wants to be mistaken as indian.

after seeing an apt which, i kid you not, had the kitchen inside the closet. imagine opening a closet and finding a kitchinette. just to get an idea of the neighbourhood i ask this elderly man coming out of the apt how the area is and how the building is

man: this building has given me high blood pressure and stress.
me: oh god, why?
man: too much noise i cant sleep at the nite
me: is traffic that bad
man: no not traffic, neighbours. they make too much noise
me: i see, thats tough.
man: a muslim lives on top of me and at 4 oclock makes too much noise.
me: hmm
man: so where are you from?
me: im indian.
man : oh indian. indian doctors did my nose job and my ears. so polite. indian doctors very good. so are you a doctor?
me: no im not.

i make only 1 out of the 3 criteria. i guess i wouldnt fit the bill of being the ideal neighbour.


Sharique 9:48 AM  

read all your posts on NY and app thing. I know shifting can be tough and particularly in a metropolitan. It seems that you have an interesting neighbourhood :)

life of pi 5:32 PM  

sharique: i knew shifting is bad, but its twice as worse when you are moving to a city without a car. but I really like new york its dirty, many pple are rude and impatient but theres still something unique and special about this place. its hard to explain.

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