Friday, April 20, 2007

intezaar..aetbaar. tumse pyar..kaisei karoun?

the wedding of the year has to be of abhishek bachan and aishwarya rai. as filmy as i am, i wish i knew someone who was invited to this wedding. even someone who knows someone who was. sadly, i dont. my sole claim to fame is that my sister's inlaws live very close to the bachan residence and can see thousands of pple around the area who have gathered to wish the couple. but security is tight and i cant believe they put sound proofing. what a smart idea though!

im sure there are lot of pple who are criticizing the media to stop reporting such stuff and focus on the more important things in the world. true, i agree. but there are still lot of people and i mean all kinds of people from various parts of the world, from different social status who want to see something good happening. and believe that they actually know these actors. and want to share their happiness. i think its really nice that pple care. even its for actors who sometimes reciprocate and sometimes dont. isnt a wedding in your house your sole focus and attention for those few days despite your having many problems at the back of your mind.

that being said, there should be a pact between the media and the actors. oblige the media for a bit and then the media should give them the right to their privacy. its bad enough you have criticism from the invitees. ("omigod shes looking taller than him" "why is the bride laughing with the 32 teeth, tell her to stop laughing" "why is she looking so unhappy maybe she doesnt like him" "her wedding dress is not that great". ) imagine to have your wedding telecast and have a million pple criticizing you.

i hear they have sold their wedding rights to some international media house for some huge amount of money. if this is true, then thats just too too pathetic. again my opinion, not necessarily the best opinion. i really dont think thats right, considering its acting in indian movies they are more popular for. they shouldnt ignore the indian media. but wunki zindagi hai, and though i disagree, i do agree that they should be allowed to do watever they want to do.

onto more filmy news. richard gere poor fellow will avoid all desi celebrities now. thanks to these lunatics. these political mobs will only target some celebrity to get their 15 minutes of fame, are they removing morchas for rapes being done in our country. sadly not. bunch of humbugs.


Khozem F Sahiwala 3:04 AM  

Is there any importance of wedding in today's life.Its just a phenomena taking around you.Its really a very difficult to understand each other feelings.It is only hungama for one day and the rests of life to repent.

What happened to karishma kapoor "s martial life ? ended in a big sorrow.

Alok 8:01 AM  

well written , but every person needs some privacy,a marriage is a personnel affair and it is completely within their right to ban media frm it and with Indian media's love for "the breaking news" stuuf no one can blame them."jhanvi's eg is clear indication of that.

Wth the Richard Gere affair , I hate to admit but first time I was forced to accept their views about India,some one reported""Some people in India... maybe have too much time on their hands".

Ashraf's Pen 10:47 PM  

The abhiash wedding is a state of frenzy rised mainly by the 24hour newschannel who have little to report.

They are creating issues and news out of nothing.

Same for the Gere thing. I was watching Aaj Tak and the way the newscaster demonized Gere was just too balant. And people love publicity.

Santosh 8:04 AM  

a very pertinent post.. I think the hunger for publicity is forcing everyone to do these stuffs and our media channels are just in race of proving themself dumbest of the lot by quoting any news as breaking news.. so Gere smooching Shilpa is no less than USA dropping atom bomb for these channel..

life of pi 4:59 PM  

khozem: hmmmm. i dont know, i think for every person their wedding is one of the most important events in one's life and perhaps one of the biggest decision one makes. some spend a week or two celebrating it, some a day each his own. as to repenting, i guess that would be the case if u married the wrong person. or rather the equation of compromise and compatibility is amiss. about karishma kapoor, we dont really know the story just what the media puts out and i guess they have their ups and downs too like every couple. hopefully for them and most pple the ups outnumber the downs. =)

alok : i wonder if the jhanvi episode was authentic. is any kind of publicity good ? i would think its put her in a worse off position with all the negative comments.

ashraf: actually even here it was majorly in the news and there were two sides. one side that felt the act would be considered offensive even here, and the second side felt it was just stupid to be holding protests. i agree. at least shilpa shetty's famous now in the US

santosh: like someone mentioned its all entertainment and thats what most pple watch

thank you all for your comments.

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