Wednesday, February 07, 2007

You wait and see when the smoke clears

"goa mein aa kei mera wife, hippie hogaya"
- honeymoon travels, Zoya Akhtar

todays most pathetic ad award goes to ponds anti aging cream. *applause* i cant find it on youtube, but ill give the briefing. a lady is sitting on a red sofa and goes "we spend all our time going to sport bars and he spends time with his friends. then one day he took me to my favourite restaurant. call it a coincidence or wat, ever since i started using ponds cream i have got my old husband back". hahahaah. made me crack up. if only, it were so simple to get ones husband "back".

speaking of relationships, on the news a pair of skeleteons in an embrace position were discovered in italy. more research is required to know exactly what the ages of the couple were, and what happened and whether they are actually embracing and not strangling each other. =) [ ok the last part is my addition]

more on those lines, yesterday while waiting for s, near a starbucks, i noticed a couple fighting. i couldnt overhear the conversation, not that i was trying to =) but it was obvious they were fighting in public. ive never seen that in dubai. ive never even seen two people fight. like fist fights and all. or like regular fights even. perhaps ive seen pple get into an argument when theres a road accident but not fight fight. and definetly not couples fighting. so it was a first and the girl started crying and the guy walked off and left. pple sitting nearby were looking at her. not just looking, staring. this is a very common thing in dubai for people to stare at you. sadly, nobody really got up and asked are u ok?

its quite embarassing to be caught showing your emotion in public. years ago in my undergrad year i was reading this book called "The BathHouse" by this iranian author called Farnoosh Moshiri. Very very good book but very sad. and also after a recent death in my family, I was reading that book in starbucks, all of these things added up and I started crying and as much as I tried to stop I couldnt. Sitting closeby was a fellow student from one of my classes, who i didnt know at all. he looked at me once and tried not to look again. i know this coz he did get a bunch of kleenex and left it on the table close by. After that, I avoided him since i was very embarassed. But honestly, I appreciated it, if someone is having a bad moment in public, im of the opinion that you should leave them alone and try not to make it obvious. coz not only are they emotionally in a bad state, they look it too. running noses, blood shot eyes and massive headache. on the other hand, there are some people who prefer that someone, anyone, come and talk to them. which is fine too. but in no circumstances one should stare at them.


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